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‘PEGGY’ is a continuation of Maisie Woodford and Smila Zinecker’s collaboration in combining puppetry and dance. Their most recent solo piece ‘Mud Mother’, which was shown at the Europalia Georgia Festival, explored this fusion, and sparked interest in researching its further potential. ‘PEGGY’ is a work in progress that explores themes of self-documentation within the modern world, tackling notions of a ‘curated’ self-image vs a nostalgic, childishly playful one. Maisie and Smila were keen to experiment with the use of video as a method through which to enhance the intimacy and intensity of puppet playing, whilst still focusing on the co-existence of abstract movement alongside puppetry’s strongly narrative a solo performance by Maisie Woodford combining puppetry and dance.  

Makers: Maisie Woodford en Smila Zinecker


Concept: Maisie & Smila
Choreography and Performance: Maisie Woodford
Puppet Design: Smila Zinecker
Video + Editing: Maisie Woodford & Jeran Entwistle
Sound advi
ce: Raphael Malfliet

With the support of RADAR Mechelen

* de performance is Engelstalig en vindt plaats in de repetitieruimte, deze ruimte is helaas niet rolstoeltoegankelijk.

* the performance is in English and sadly, the location is not wheelchair accessible. 

© Gieljan Verhofstadt

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