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ZA 20/04 - 19u00 en 20u40 - KLEINE ZAAL

NO-DO/ From No-Do®, reg. brand, acronym for Noticiarios y Documentales.
1. m. A short documentary film shown at the Spanish cinemas during Franco's dictatorship before the screening of films.

'No-Do' transports us to Spain during the post-war, a time marked by the plight of silenced women, the great defeated, and the forgotten. Their silent struggle from the rear echelon encompassed not only battling hunger, misery, and the aftermath of war but also enduring loneliness, humiliation, rape, and the harsh repression imposed by the regime. These women fought fiercely for survival, for their own lives, and those of their children and loved ones—combatant husbands, fathers, and brothers—often stolen, maimed, and buried. Whether at home, on the front lines, in trenches, or engaged in smuggling or activism, they embodied courage and resilience, condemned to a lifetime of mourning yet weaving the fabric of our history and shaping our future.

Their narrative echoes the onset of an era fraught with sexism and repression, a legacy sadly perpetuated in various forms today. In honoring their memory, I aim to give voice to each of them, drawing inspiration from my great-grandmother, Rosa Massó (Iaia Roseta), woman, wife of a prisoner, a fighter from the silence, an anonymous woman.

I want to present the No-Do that was never broadcast, one that breaks the silence and helps us to remember, so that it will not be repeated again.

Through this singular moment in Spanish history, I strive to shed light on a universal and recurrent issue, transcending borders and echoing throughout time in numerous contexts worldwide.


Maker: Júlia Godino 

My name is Júlia Godino. I am a dancer and choreographer based in Antwerp since 2015. I work for other choreographers but I also create myself. In 2018 I co founded together with my colleague Alexa Moya our own company: Co. Júlia Godino i Alexa Moya. Our work has been developed and toured mostly in Spain. I would like to balance this out and to be able to create and to share my work also as much in Belgium. My aim during RADAR is to recuperate an idea of a solo that I had started in 2016, to work deeper into it and make an actual piece that I can move around. I am looking forward to networking and to opening some new doors here in Belgium.



Created and performed by Júlia Godino 

With the support of RADAR Mechelen

Residency partner: Zuidpool Antwerpen & RADAR Mechelen

Documentation assistance: Sònia Garangou

Advice and feedback: Machias Bosschaerts, Alexa Moya and Pieter Desmet

Production: Júlia Godino

Picture by Laia Ros

Special mention to Iaia Roseta, Iaia Agustina, Avi Pepet and Avi Jaume. 

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* het is een beeldende performance zonder gesproken tekst. 

* it is a visual performance without spoken text.

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© Julia Godino

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