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DANS  (35 min)
Greco (5) wide by Arnaud Beelen.jpg

© Alexandros



This piece tackles the crucial question of who is the person when the person does not define their identity through their social environment. It looks into the subtle ways a persona is manufactured through every encounter, keeping the individual away from their inner self. By positioning the performer in the middle of a circle formed by the audience, it sheds light to all the strengths and weaknesses, all the beauty and ugliness, the passion and disdain.

Through the piece, a cathartic, almost ritualistic process unfolds. Exploring the theme of offering, the performer questions generosity and expectations together and in relation with the audience, who is at the same time observer and observed.

Beginning with looking into the pressure of fulfilling his role, the artist offers to the audience the material and immaterial that surrounds them by poetically intertwining dance and words. The more he offers the more he realizes all that he is receiving and the desire arises to make the moment perpetual. Confronting himself with the unfulfillable task of grasping the intangible, the piece evolves in the letting go of all the layers that expectation generates, leaving space for vulnerability until the performer relinquishes his role as the epicentre of the circle. 

This piece is a shared experience that celebrates the courage of fragility.

MakerAlexandros Anastasiadis “Greco”  


Direction/performance: Alexandros Anastasiadis “Greco”  
Dramaturgy: Yasen Vasilev  
Text: Alexandros Anastasiadis “Greco”, Margherita Dello Sbarba  
External Eye/assistance: Margherita Dello Sbarba, Margherita Scalise, Maria Pisiou, Florian Hoffmeier  
Music: Blue Mountain – The Necks  and Ain’t got no/ I got Life – Nina Simone  

Support: RADAR Mechelen, ILES Artist Project, CC De Warande, CC De Spil, Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus  

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