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Dance To Your Imagination is a dance performance performed by two young amazing dancers who take and create ideas of imagination and translate them through their dance and expressions of emotions. As audiences, we get to see how they tell us their imaginations through their dance performance and our interpretation of them, how they fit or not fit into our ideas, conversations, and in the society we live in. The dancers in this dance project make a performance that comes from their heads, bodies and hearts and somehow will show anyone watching how powerful our imaginations can be.  

Choreographer and Performer Emmanuel Boakye already has a long experience as an artist(dancer, writer, actor,...) starting when he was eight years old but with coaches/performers like Koen De Preter, TijenLawton, Gwen Vanderreyd and so on. He was able to blossom more into the artist he is today. He has created, performed, and danced with organisations (National Theatre, Fameus, Fabuleus, Kunst Z,...) in Ghana and in Belgium.


For his latest dance production Dance To Your Imagination, Emmanuel Boakye works with two dancers (Chaska Gonzalez and Omar Dijba) while using his expertise as a multidisciplinary artist to coach them into the realization of their dance performance. He is also a fan of creating performances using improvisation and seeking most often the opinions and perspectives of the people he works with when creating a project.  

Maker: Emmanuel Boakye
Dansers: Chaska Gonzalez en Omar Djiba

Rataplan, Kunst Z, Fameus, Fabuleu met ondersteuning van RADAR Mechelen

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Opgelet: de Repetitieruimte is moeilijk toegankelijk voor rolstoelgebruikers.

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