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chloÉ clover
MUZIEK (60 min)
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Chloé Clover is a Belgian band from Antwerp.

The band members are talented musicians who complement each other perfectly and create a unique sound together. The careful interplay of guitar, piano, bass, drums, saxophone and backing vocals creates a lively and rich accompaniment for singer Chloé. She has an unparalleled vocal range and a warm, powerful tone that will leave the listener unaffected.

The music of Chloé Clover is a unique mix of soul, funk and pop that they present in a contemporary way. The result is a musical style that feels familiar and comfortable, yet fresh and new.  
The emotions that Chloé Clover incorporates into their music create an unforgettable experience for the audience. Whether you are looking for a feel-good moment or want to take a moment to reflect on an emotion, the band will definitely take you on an emotional journey where their songs provide the necessary feel-good and their blues leave you with a papercut. 

Makers: Chloé Van der Vieren (zangeres), Dirk Loots (drummer), Danny Nevelsteen (bassist), Lien Schoeters (piano), Chadi Abou El Ghar (saxofonist en percussionist), Robbe Verreth (gitarist) 

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© Chloé Clover

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